French words in Fashionese

Fashion is a global business and its language is full of words and expressions from all over the world; but just like Paris has a special place in the heart of every fashionista, so too does its language.
Some French words and expressions are used correctly such as 'avec' and 'c'est magnifique' but more often than not English expressions are translated literally and consequently incorrectly such as 'très maintenant' (which is a literal, but grammatically incorrect, translation of 'very now' as in 'very trendy right now').
Some words are not only mistranslated but are also mispronounced such as 'haute' which is pronounced as 'hot' in Fashionese rather than 'oat' as in French, and used describe something fashionable as opposed to its original meaning, 'high', in French.

Source: Speak Fashionese