Recession-era brow

With the financial crisis looking more and more grim day by day, it’s understandable that all those extras we once spent on are no longer on our “to do list”. And, eyebrow grooming is one of them. It’s fuller, bushier, and, well, totally eighties. The thick “Brooke Shields-esque” brow is a lot easier to maintain than those thinner varieties, making trips to waxers or pluckers less frequent.

Only in 2010, the trend was about going completely brow-less. Models and stylists were bleaching or shaving eyebrows (see this cover).The idea was that having no eyebrows was a way to express oneself through edge looks without buying a product.

Source: Glamour


Not only thighgap: Is there such a thing as a side butt?


The origins of the sideboob – the area between armpit and ribcage – are not officially recorded, but it is thought to date back as far as 2005 to an episode of Family Guy, with Peter Griffin presenting his Sideboob Hour: "


The bottom part of the breasts, exposed by an ill-fitting top – perhaps a jumper that looks like it has been unravelled from the bottom up. According to Urban Dictionary, there is even such a thing as an "underboob shirt". The underboob is not exactly new – think of those cliched 1980s shots of women in chilly crop tops – but it is enjoying a renaissance.

Back dimples

Also known as dimples of Venus, these are the little indentations some people have either side of their lower back (they're genetic).

Side butt

"Side butt is the new side boob," proclaimed New York magazine earlier this year, using an array of pictures of celebrities, including Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lopez, to prove it, all wearing dresses with transparent panels to display varying amounts of flesh between the top of the (side) thigh and hip, and around to the buttocks.

Thigh gap

The deranged idea that when you stand with your feet together, there should be a visible gap where your upper inner thighs do not meet, has apparently become the new obsession.

Bum slip

The bum slip is, apparently, the fleshy underside of the buttock cheeks, made visible when wearing very short shorts (Miley Cyrus), or a kind of leotard (Kate Moss). It is also known as "underbutt".

Butt cleavage

Already known as the "builder's bum", but now, thanks to Heidi Klum among others, the exposed arse crack has been legitimised as fashionable. At last, a body trend everybody – man and woman – can join in with.

From underboob to bum slip: the new female body parts


Arm party

Arm party: When somebody wears a bunch of different bracelets on the same arm, sometimes using many bright colors or different materials/metals is called an arm party. The more the merrier!