Fashionese shows a great love for blend words

Blend words are words which are formed through the combination of two or more words words such as 'trendbot', where the words 'trend' and 'robot' have been blended together to mean a person who automatically follows the latest trend.

Fashionese is also very fond of abbreviations, particularly fashion to 'fash' (as in fash pack, fash clash and so on) and of acronyms such as YSL (Yves Saint Laurent), MFW (Milan fashion week) and s/s (spring/summer fashion collections).

Fashionese may sound quite like English, but be careful, there are a number of false friends to trip up the unsuspecting fashion speak novice.

Watch out for 'very' (used to mean 'in the style of', rather than 'extremely'), 'nudes' (a natural skin toned colour palette rather than naked people), 'vanilla' (bland and boring rather than the flavouring) and 'beige' (again meaning dull or uninteresting rather than light brown coloured)

Source: Speak Fashionese