4D Man

A new “archetypal” 21st-century man.

Commenting in The Guardian on the launch of Bauer Media’s men’s weekly magazine, Gaz7etta, Kevin Braddock wrote:

According to research videos published in July, Bauer had identified a new archetype of 21st-century masculinity: “4D Man.Not some undiscovered anomaly in the space-time continuum, 4D Man is in fact a male between 15 and 40 who is “confident, individual and has varied interests and passions.” A Bauer spokesperson told Media Week that 4D man is “not as tribal as his predecessors, the metrosexual and the lad, where you either were one or you weren’t.” He is also “increasingly interested in culture and is more health-conscious.”

Noting that this is not “the first to attempt to redefine masculinity in the media age,” Braddock highlighted a number of other terms associated with “the elusive demographic known as ‘men’”:

We’ve read about the urban playboy, the new lad, the soft lad, the metropolitan and the Spurmo (Single Proud Unmarried Man Over Thirty). There was also the himbo, the mIMbo (male instant-messaging boy) and the notion of “mandom” – a kind of girl power for men who use hair gel.

Whether you considered yourself to be more of a “retrosexual” than an “übersexual” (the latter featuring in a 2005 report by advertising agency JWT ominously entitled The Future of Men), or even a “pomosexual,” we were apparently living through a “menaissance” in which we indulged in “manscaping” (ie, shaving and washing). Even straight-as-a-die A-types could enjoy an unashamed “bromance,” which in everyday language is known as a friendship.

source: Shott's Vocab

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