Dictionary of Fashion Buzzwords

Cankle - a combination of ‘ankle’ and ‘calf’, used to describe thick, large or undefined ankles

Fashion biscuit - a person with very good fashion sense

(to) Zooland - to make exaggerated and clichéd poses as if on a catwalk or being photographed

Receshem theory - the economic/fashion theory according to which hemlines rise and fall with the fortunes of the stockmarket

MOD - stands for 'model off duty', Used to describe the casual yet trendy style of dressing adopted by many top models when not working

Fashion killer - used to describe something which is fashionable yet unsexy. High fashion is often a bit of a mystery to men, but when it also makes a woman look unsexy then it's a fashion killer.

Fitting room fatigue - a general malaise caused by the cramped conditions common to changing rooms and the physical exertion of trying on different garments

A Birkin back - back pain caused by carrying a large and/or heavy handbag. Named after the capacious Birkin bag by Hermès

Stuck in a style bubble - when a person is fixed to a particular style of clothing in a negative, outdated way

Dress doppelganger - when two people arrive at the same event wearing almost identical dresses

Been shoulder surfed - when the person to whom you are talking looks over your shoulder to see if there is someone more important/interesting to whom they could speak

Gagaism - fascination with the diva

VPL - 'visible panty line', when the outline of one's underpants can be seen through tight fitting clothes

Whale tail - the appearance of the waistband of a thong when wearing a pair of low-waisted jeans or trousers

Muffin top - the bulge of fat which appears at the waistline when a pair of tight, low rise jeans or trousers is worn

Fashionista - a woman with a passion for fashion, a Fashionese speaker

Recessionista - a woman who continues to dress well despite having a limited budget

Glamazon - a glamorous, independent woman

Show crow - a fashion editor or journalist, so called because of their tendency to dress in head-to-toe black when attending fashion shows

Civilian - a non-fashionista or non-Fashionese speaker

Catwalker - a catwalk model

Super - a supermodel, a well known and highly paid model

Modelski - a model of Eastern European origin

Russian doll - a young model of Eastern European origin with a very childlike appearance

Moodel - a plus size model

source:Speak Fashionese