Top Fashion Buzzwords: Annual Analysis by Global Language Monitor

Kate Middleton dethrones Lady Gaga as the No. 1 fashion buzzword for the upcoming season, reaching a crescendo on the occasion of her April 29th wedding to Prince William.
  1. Lady Gaga – Gaga’s global influence continues unabated especially among her ever-growing legions of ‘little monsters’ (reportedly surpassing the 8,000,000 mark).
  2. Sheer – Translucent, transparent and transcendent again en vogue for the season.
  3. Shirt Dresses – From the Upper East Side to 6th Street in Austin to LaJolla, California shirt dresses are everywhere (and everywhen).
  4. Sustainable Style – Clothing make of recycled fabrics now entering the mainstream.
  5. Articulated Platforms – Move over Armadillos, platforms are taking on a life of their own, now to be found with every type of embellishments from McQueen inspired butterflys, to florals and feathers. What’s new? Flatforms.
  6. MoBama – Moving up the list again after a lackluster 2010.
  7. Stripes – Classic black and white stripes with striking mathematically inspired motifs.
  8. Flowers Everywhere – Monet redux: As if Monet updated his water lily meme to the 21st c. catwalk.
  9. Blocked Colors – Bright and bold, color blocks are ever so popular (and fashionable).
  10. Edun – Mrs. Bono’s (Ali Hewson) line of ethical couture gets a boost with the Louis Vuitton for Edun bag.
  11. White Shirts – Clean and crisp for a classic, say Aubrey Hepburn, look.
  12. Fruit vs. Fruit Salad – Either way fruit is big (as are animals). Veggies? Not so much.
  13. Leggins – Flourishing around the globe. Women voting with their feet, er, legs.
  14. Anime – Anime inspired looks with big eyes and pursed lips; definitely not haute but hot, especially among young Asians.
  15. That ‘70s Look – The Neo-Bohemian, updated from the ‘60s but cleaner and more refined.
  16. Embellishments – Embellishments now encompass tassels, pewter, sequins and studs to anything else that works.
  17. Black Swan – Natalie Portman’s adds to the ever-popular ballerina meme.
  18. Yama Girls – Trekking outfits include fleece miniskirts brightly colored leggings and style-conscious boots.
  19. Jersey Shore wear – Unsophisticated, tawdry, outrageous, And definitely not to be seen in polite company. But that’s precisely the point, isn’t it. 

Jersey Shore wear

Source: Global Language Monitor