Dictionary of fashion buzzwords

Faux pas: A faux pas is a blunder that can occur in social settings, as well as in fashion. In other words, it's an error in (style) judgment that should be avoided at all cost. Common fashion faux pas include wearing white socks with dark trousers and wearing sunglasses indoors.

Glitterati: is a term used to describe a crowd of attractive people who tend to be well-dressed, usually referred to as the elite.

Trs chic: means very fashionable; it's usually used to describe a specific item, like a suit, for example, or as a compliment for a place or an event.

Pice de rsistance: In food lingo, plat de rsistance means main dish. In fashion, pice de rsistance is used to describe an important item, whether it's a must-have item of the season or an item that stands out from an ensemble.

Du jour: If it's an item du jour , that means it's ultra trendy.

Pass: The term pass is used to describe something that was once in style (see du jour ), but no longer is; basically, it's a thing of the past.

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