The Debeham fashion dictionary

High-street department store Debenhams is launching the online reference guide to help staff and customers through the retail maze of treggings, shackets, whorts and mandles.

[Blouse/Skirt] all in one blouse and skirt combo.

Cardigown: [Cardigan/Dressing Gown]Cardigan, usually long and belted like a cardigan.

Coatigan: [Coat /Cardigan] Cardigan with a coat appearance.

Jardigan: [Jacket/Cardigan] a thick jacket like cardigan that requires no coat on top.

Jeggings: [Jean/Leggings] Leggings with jean like qualities.

Jombats: [Jegging/Combats] tight combats of jegging quality.

Mace Mackets: [Male Lace] [Mac/Jacket] a cross between a mac and a jacket.

Mandles: [Man – Sandals] sandals for men.

Mankinis: [Male/Bikini skimpy swimwear for men championed by Borat.

Meggings: [Male Leggings] very tight jersey trousers for men.

Mubes: [Maxi Tube Dress] Shacket [Shirt/Jacket] Jacket of shirt like appearance.

Shacket: (Shirt/Jacket) Jacket with shirt-like appearance.

Shoots: (Shoe/Boots) Not quite a shoe nor a boot but something in between.

Skorts: (Skirt/Short) Shorts with the look of a skirt i.e. culottes

Skousers: [Skirt/Trousers] trousers with an attached skirt.

Tankini: [Tank/Bikini] cross between a bikini and a tank top for a more modest swim option.

Tregging: [Trouser/Legging] Leggings of trouser like appearance.

Watchlet: [Watch/Bracelet] a bracelet which includes a time telling decorative element.

Whorts: [Winter shorts] thick, often wool based shorts, normally worn with tights in winter.