"Fierce" heading the list of banned fashion words

A compliment, meaning you look aggressively attractive, sexy and cool

Many blogger opine about the difficulties of writing about fashion: “You have no idea how hard it is to write about fashion! It’s hell! Not only are the terms just as seasonal as the clothes we don’t want anymore at the end of the summer, but new trends, materials, and cuts appear every three days and demand their rights: to be named!"

To this end, there is a list of banned fashion words from a fashion mag, Velour.

The fashion no-no list includes: “trendy,” “fashionista,” “must have,” “vintage/retro,” “celeb,” “style icon”, “frock star” and “uber”.

Fashion editors and stylists have conducted a very quick and informal poll for the fashion words they’d most like to put on moratorium.

Everyone would like to see “fierce” die a swift death.

Published on: Fashionista