Power Brow

Recent beauty trend based on creating a fuller, thicker eyebrow shapes (like Cara Delevingne).

This trend first became popular in Autumn/Winter 08, today models such as Cara Delevingne are showcasing defined, thick eyebrow on the catwalk. 

The term has been created by Benefit UK head makeup artist and brow expert Lisa Potter-Dixon of the Cara-inspired beauty trend cosmetics. 

First born as a recession-savvy solution for who couldn’t afford going to waxers or pluckers frequently, bold eyebrows are now the surprisingly beauty trends of this year. In fact, the popularity of the strong brow has translated into big gains for beauty companies: eyebrow makeup is indeed the fastest-growing category of eye makeup in 2014. Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics made a name for itself in the eyebrow sphere and is now the bestselling eyebrow makeup brand in the U.S.

This trend has been called also "Delevingne-ification" (term spotted in Fashionista: How to perk up your eyebrows in one easy step).