A handbag or purse carried by a male.

It is easy to define but it gets more complicated when it comes to choosing a man bag. The criteria should be as follows: small, sleek, lightweight, and definitely not look like a purse. Briefcases, messenger bags and backpacks are not man bags. They are too large and bulky to carry on a daily basis without looking like a man is not headed to school or work. Fannypacks are a no-no, unless you want to look like an ubergeek and repel women. Also, stay away from fancy designs, patterns, or the color pink. Flight, utility, and certain camera bags generally fall into the category of man bags.

Four in five men now carry a ‘manbag’ – and on average it weighs more than a lady’s handbag.
The trend has been put down to the need to carry an ever-growing number of electronic gadgets – from smartphones to iPads, Kindles and laptops – as well as keys and wallets.

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